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Safety Gate Accessories

Baby Dan offers a large assortment additional Extensions designed to provide extra width to pressure fitted stair gates, screw fitted Baby Gates, and room dividing baby gates and play pens.

Extend-A-Gate Extension Kit

With the patented extension system Extend-A-Gate from the Danish company Baby Dan you can add up to 6 extensions to your Baby Dan safety gate depending on which safety gate you choose.

To extend your gate and still ensure maximum safety, Baby Dan have developed a new Extend-A-Gate system – ONE system to fit the main BabyDan safety gates (please see below for complete list of compatible gates)

The Extend a Gate system adds an additional 7 cm to either side of the gate, or a total of 14cm to one side of the gate.

More extension kits can be bought to slot on both sides of the safety gates to add i.e. 28 cm in total (if applicable to specific gate.) 

Simply add and slot in the tube extensions from the Extend-A-Gate pack to the safety gate to fit the width of the gap you require the gate to entend to.
Extend-A-Gate system fits all Baby Dan pressure fit Safety Gates.

Height: 71 cm

Made in Denmark.

Extend a Gate systems available in: white, silver and black. 


Watch the video of the patented Extend-A-Gate extension by Baby Dan:



The Y-Spindle makes it possible to mount a safety gate up against a baluster, round pole etc.


Including a non-slip rubber layer to protect the bannister. 

Y-Spindles can be mounted on the following Baby Dan safety gates: 
Premier: only when the gate is mounted with extensions
Avantgarde: only when the gate is mounted with extensions
Designer: only when the gate is mounted with extensions and not in the same side as the handle
Danamic: not in the same side as the handle

No Trip Step Plate
The Babydan Step Plate fits at the bottom of your pressure gate, to replace the trip hazard to a gentle sloping ramp

Compatible with:
Babydan Premier  Gates 
Babydan Danamic Gate
Babydan Designer Gate
Babydan Avantgarde Gates



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